Thursday, September 8, 2016

Magisto Video Editor & Maker v4.6.14907 apk

Back again will provide references cool apps and popular among Android. One more nih makers and video editing applications are quite nice but easy to use when compared with other similar applications certainly Magisto video editor app for android apk is easier because it is only "touch" tools-tools that exist in the display. 

Application made Magisto has a simple menu, as well as the manufacturing process is not too long, easy to use so suitable for use by all people will not be confused when using the application because of all the tools needed are already appearing on the left during the process of editing video.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker This apk is Free / Internet which you can download at PlayStore, because it is free then only a maximum of 10 photos can be assembled into the fabric of a video. If you want more than 10 photos, then you must make a purchase to get full service applications means there is no limit use of photo you want as video. However, because the application is intended for mobile phones is considered 10 photos also has a maximum, as if more and more photo made short films the greater its memory capacity. 

Magisto Featured Video Editor & Maker: 
  1. AI technology that has never existed before will analyze and combine the best parts of your video clips into fun 
  2. Share this video on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Youtube, and even WhatsApp
  3.  Share and manage the film publicly or privately to create a personal album 
  4. Collaborate with people around who have the same interests by adding your movies to open albums 
  5. Automatic video stabilization, filters, effects, transitions, and overall production
  6.  Facial recognition detects the important people in your video 
  7. Upload videos and photos from the Gallery or use Magisto as intelligent video camera 
  8. Add a soundtrack of devices that support the program 
  9. Replaced the slide show with an awesome video compilation 
  10. Add photos instagram, mp4 movies, and much more 
  11. Using FFmpeg under LGPL license 
  12. A wide variety such as Holiday, Indie, Country, and more 
  13. Incredible variety of editing styles to make a film about the New Year, Birthday, Baby, and Marriage

Link Download Magisto Video Maker & Editor For Android V4.6.14907
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Monday, August 29, 2016

Resident Evil 4 Mod Apk + Data Unlimited Full Gallery

Almost all the game lovers surely know this one game. Yes Resident Evil is one of the thrilling game against the zombies scary. This game has a lot of series and versions with a storyline that is different, even though the essence remains the same survival against the zombies to complete each mission there. 

Resident Evil 4 For Android Telling someone who is strong and brave named Leon facing a horde of nasty zombies who are attacking the city with the intent to destroy all humans. The man mission defend the city and destroy all zombies. 
Very exciting is not it? If you feel challenged by the storyline that I have explained above, without the need to think long to download and install the game resident evil 4 is on your favorite phone. But to play this game your Android mobile phone meets the minimum specifications required to play resident evil 4, what are the conditions? 
Sound effects in this game enough support so that the element of suspense is very pronounced. Oh yes, please note that the series Resident Evil 4 has a main character a man, as we know there are many resident evil series, played by woman as the main character. 
In addition to this article will provide a download link APKBaru apk + data in two versions, Original and Mod. Because not everyone likes the game instantly, and therefore provided an Original apk. As for the Mod apk all the resources needed are paced Unlimited, such as Gold, unlimited bullets.
Link Download

Friday, August 26, 2016

Naruto Storm Senki 4 Shinobi Legends All Mod apk Latest

Naruto game on this one is narsen mod of Rismansyah latest version with many changes contained therein. In terms of features as well as adding many new characters that you can choose to play. Measures needed to download Naruto game is also not too big that only about 67 MB.
Senki Naruto Android game genre Action is a two-dimensional graphics with amazing quality. The developer Zakume very popular games that are cool and popular among Android gamers. Due graph or an interesting story line makes the game made zakume easily accepted and liked gamers. 
Apk that will be distributed this APKBaru.ORG be MOD or modified by the narsen. There are 2 types of Naruto Senki that in mod by different people that Rismansyah, FeHendra, Faisal. But all the same in terms of features, you want to know what are the full feature? Listen below.
Features Naruto Senki: Storm 4 Shinobi Legends v1.17 apk 
  1. Rep Naruto Naruto-Kage 
  2. Obito Juubi Rep-Shino
  3. Hashirama Rep-Jiraiya
  4. New Folder 
  5. Cool Background
  6.  There Are Some Special Char 
  7. New Map 
  8. Some Special Char:
    Naruto Kage: Rasenshuriken deadly long-distance, run fast, unlimited hp
    Sasuke Gaiden: All skill deadly, unlimited phone, and run fast
    Minato: Senpo Goremon deadly, unlimited phone, and run fast
    Roshi: Bijuudama deadly, unlimited phone, and run fast
    Indra: All moves off, scoot
    Shisui: Katon Goukakyuu No Jutsu deadly

Link Download