Friday, August 26, 2016

Naruto Storm Senki 4 Shinobi Legends All Mod apk Latest

Naruto game on this one is narsen mod of Rismansyah latest version with many changes contained therein. In terms of features as well as adding many new characters that you can choose to play. Measures needed to download Naruto game is also not too big that only about 67 MB.
Senki Naruto Android game genre Action is a two-dimensional graphics with amazing quality. The developer Zakume very popular games that are cool and popular among Android gamers. Due graph or an interesting story line makes the game made zakume easily accepted and liked gamers. 
Apk that will be distributed this APKBaru.ORG be MOD or modified by the narsen. There are 2 types of Naruto Senki that in mod by different people that Rismansyah, FeHendra, Faisal. But all the same in terms of features, you want to know what are the full feature? Listen below.
Features Naruto Senki: Storm 4 Shinobi Legends v1.17 apk 
  1. Rep Naruto Naruto-Kage 
  2. Obito Juubi Rep-Shino
  3. Hashirama Rep-Jiraiya
  4. New Folder 
  5. Cool Background
  6.  There Are Some Special Char 
  7. New Map 
  8. Some Special Char:
    Naruto Kage: Rasenshuriken deadly long-distance, run fast, unlimited hp
    Sasuke Gaiden: All skill deadly, unlimited phone, and run fast
    Minato: Senpo Goremon deadly, unlimited phone, and run fast
    Roshi: Bijuudama deadly, unlimited phone, and run fast
    Indra: All moves off, scoot
    Shisui: Katon Goukakyuu No Jutsu deadly

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